The little story

Paloma Esono

The memory of a forgotten dolly at the bottom of a trunk, the memory of lovely tales read over and over make me dip with delight into the sweet world of childhood.

A very long time ago... I had a serious job, I was a web developer in Information Technologies press in Paris. And then the opportunity to leave the Parisian greyness came up and I took a single ticket to Toulouse, the town where I came from. There, I found my  huge portfolio again, the one I had been carrying under my arm to go to Art lessons in High school. More recently, the same portfolio followed me to the Fine Arts.

Mila and Camille, my children, asked me to make them a cat out of  material. I designed and made a cat-doll to follow them in their daydreams, their brief games, everything which builds the imaginary world of a growing child. This doll is also my amused and touched vision of rag dolls from the past.

And that's how I got caught up in this... and one thing leading to another, when I saw the delighted sweet little faces of my two daughters, I imagined a whole collection of dolls and decoration objects made of material.  A world surrounded by elegant 'ingénues', mischievous dandies, colourful birds and delicate butterflies.

Passionate and thorough, my constant preoccupation is to create refined objects, simple and appealing, which have the charm of hand-made objects. I feel a great fulfilment when using pretty attractive fabrics which are nice to the touch. Natural fabrics, organic, child and environment friendly: linen, cotton, wool.

I hope that all my dolls, cuddly toys, accessories, all the objects of every day life bring to each child as much joy and pleasure as I have had in creating them.


Jeux d'enfants

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